Monday, January 26, 2009

It's been too long......

We made it through the holidays and in the meantime forgot about our blog...... Mainly because I started reading the Twilight series of books (4 in all, in case you didn't know that) back in November and told myself that I was going to finish them all by the time tax season got here. I can now say I finished the fourth book (Breaking Dawn) yesterday at 3:30pm. I absolutely loved all 4 books. So now that I have time to blog........I will tell you what else we have been up to.

We had a great Thanksgiving with all of my family out at Matt & Sara's house in honor of Matt returning home from Saudi Arabia of course just a couple of days before Thanksgiving. It was great fun. The cousins all played and had a great time. They made Christmas ornaments for their craft. (a tradition I started a few years ago when the kids got old enough) Which was so fun to watch them all really get into it this year. They had a choice of a reindeer, snowman or a Christmas tree. They turned out really cute and the kids had a great time.

Christmas was tons of fun!!!! I love getting up Christmas morning and seeing how excited they are... Braxton was up at 6:30 and then Bridger at 7:00 but we made them go back to bed until 8:15. The funny part was I had to lay back down with Braxton and listen to him talk my ear off for an hour before he fell back asleep. He talked about everything from : Do you think Santa really came to our house mommy? Yes Braxton, I am sure he came to our house Now go back to sleep. I know he came mommy because I heard the reindeer in the front yard eating the reindeer food that Aunt Kristin gave us to put outside before bed time on Christmas eve. It was so funny listening to him that I didn't think he was ever going to fall back asleep. But he finally did and then they both were up again at 8:15. They had so much fun opening presents that i forgot to take pictures. I did get it recorded though. It was a great day. Now life is back to normal and is not so hectic YET.... Tax season is just about to begin for me at work and will be a little crazy......So if you don't see me blogging until after April 15Th you will know why.. Because I am working 10-12 hour days and have no time and will just be too TIRED! But I will try.

We hope all of you had a great Holiday Season and we look forward to keeping up to date with you all either on face book or reading your blogs.

Love, The Freestones


Lindsey said...

It's about freakin time girl!
Sounds like your holidays were fun. The story about Braxton was cute.
As for the twilight books...glad you liked them. I stopped about 1/4of the way into the 3rd one. I just had had enough! No desire to see the movie or finish the books.
I'm a vampire party poop, haha.

Hooper's said...

Fun to follow how you are all doing. Tell Shelley congrat's on Kynlee. Ditto on 'Twlight' books. I couldn't get thru the 3rd one. But I enjoyed the movie and will see the 2nd. G

The Harwood Family said...

Hi sweet Mindy! Are you surviving tax season? We need to get together, but we can wait till after the 15th if it's better for you. I miss jamming out to our country tunes with you in the copy room! Call me when ever you have a minute!